Bluetooth earphones aren't reliable under water. So, we created something that is. 

Now, you can stream your go-to workout playlists, catch up on your favorite podcasts, or listen to a Peloton-style guided workout while underwater, without worrying about damaged earbuds or low-quality audio. 


Finally. Swim with sound.

Ear-free, bone conduction technology

Zygo transmits audio through vibrations instead of earbuds, providing a safer and more comfortable solution in aquatic environments.

Stream workouts live and on-demand

Think Peloton, but for swimming. Get guided workouts and expert training, anytime, helping to boost your motivation, accountability, and results.  

Hear your coach without stopping or shouting

Never again stop your workout to hear from your coach. With the Zygo transmitter, you can also hear  your coach relay training information while you're in the flow.  

Transform your time in the water

Water sports don't have to be solo. Zygo allows you to simulate a social workout and stimulate your mind with a truly immersive experience.

How Zygo Works

There are three components to Zygo: the headset, the transmitter, and the charging case.


The headset uses bone conduction to send audio through vibrations against the zygomatic arch (your cheek bone), leaving ears open for comfort and safety,


The transmitter stays on land with your phone or your coach. Bluetooth can't penetrate water, so we use a radio frequency transmitter to transmit audio to your headset while you're working out. 

Charging Case

Simultaneously charge your headset and transmitter in the water-resistant case. A single charge gives the headset 8 hours and the transmitter 16 hours of playing time.

For swimmers, sailors, and surfers, beginners and elites. Zygo's for everyone. 

Transform your water workouts

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